Light lines

Light lines

Ceiling lighting in the form of lines looks effectively and stylish. The design of light lines running flush with the surface of stretch ceiling is diverse. The lines on the ceiling may run from one wall to another one, cross one another or form a closed loop. The width of the light line may vary depending on the profile type. The light line diffuser can be also recessed above the surface level creating the effect of an invisible source of light.

Floating lines accomplish several functions in the room at the same time. The first one is illumination, main or supplementary. Such a solution chosen results in soft and diffused light not straining your eyes. The second function is combination of sheets of various colour and texture in the same room. Using light lines makes it possible to separate the ceiling into separate segments in large rooms, at the same time retaining a modern design. Skystyle offers a wide range of LED strips of various spectrum, power and luminous flux.

You can find profiles for light strips in our online shop: skyshop
How to choose a ceiling texture
Matt Texture
Matt texture looks like an ordinary plastered ceiling without any reflection or gloss. Such texture will be highly evaluated by those who prefer classic finishing in their interior.
Satin Texture
Like satin fabric, satin texture features a more even surface. In the light, it has a slight gloss and takes an intermediate position between matt and glossy textures.
Glossy Texture
Glossy texture creates a reflective surface with a mirror-like effect. It visually magnifies the height and volume of the ceilings and of the whole space, and has the largest colour range. Such stretch ceilings look impressive and nice.

We recommend installing glossy ceilings in small closed spaces and in spaces with low ceilings to visualize the effect of space enlargement.

The SkyStyle professionals will assist you to decide on the choice of appropriate texture and colour.

Assistance on choosing the design and texture of a stretch ceiling

From 10

Master’s visit to the customer’s place for taking measurements and preliminary consultation

From 5

Calculation of main and decorative lighting of the ceiling

From 20

Replacement and installation of light fixtures

From 25

Installation of stretch ceilings and lighting

From 20

Draining water from the stretch ceiling

From 80

3D design for your spaces

From 50
Order picking taking from 1 hour
Off-line and online shop for ceiling lighting items and components
Customer support and feedback
Flexible logistics system with customer preferences accounted for
Certified and environmentally friendly materials with fire safety class Bs1d0 as per DIN En13501
Reliable packaging
CE Marking
TEQTUM Euro – fabric up to 4.5 meters in width, having passed successfully comprehensive material testing, is fully entitled to have the CE marking (European Conformity).
Fire-Retardant Certificate
Certified as fire retardant TEQTUM Euro fabric has the fire safety class of B-s1,d0 as per European standard DIN EN-13501-1
International Quality Rating of А+
French environmental standard limiting the release of volatile substances into the air. The highest rating in compliance with the European laws
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