Installation of ceilings
Installation of ceilings
Assistance on choosing the design and texture of a stretch ceiling
From 10
Master’s visit to the customer’s place for taking measurements and preliminary consultation
From 5
Calculation of main and decorative lighting of the ceiling
From 20
Replacement and installation of light fixtures
From 25
Installation of stretch ceilings and lighting
From 20
Draining water from the stretch ceiling
From 80
3D design for your spaces
From 50
How to order
A ceiling
You will get in contact with us in any way convenient for you
We will take the measurements and give you a consultation
We carry out an itemised calculation for your preferences
We will plan the date for installation work
Off-line and online shop for ceilings, components and light fixtures
Guarantee documentation for light fixtures and installation work
Calculation for up-to-date lighting solutions
3D modelling service for the projects
Certified and eco-friendly materials of fire safety class Bs1d0 as per DIN En13501
Flexible payment system and purchase on an instalment plan

Insured events
We can make a quotation for the insurance company on recovery of damages.
CE Marking
TEQTUM Euro – fabric up to 4.5 meters in width, having passed successfully comprehensive material testing, is fully entitled to have the CE marking (European Conformity).
Fire-Retardant Certificate
Certified as fire retardant TEQTUM Euro fabric has the fire safety class of B-s1,d0 as per European standard DIN EN-13501-1
International Quality Rating of А+
French environmental standard limiting the release of volatile substances into the air. The highest rating in compliance with the European laws
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