Fireproof premium line of stretch ceiling materials of Bs1d0 fire safety class as per DIN En13501

Skystyle is an official representative of TEQTUM in Estonia

TEQTUM material has a unique counterfeit protection system

1. For every ceiling a safety passport is issued with a unique number, and in very few minutes, the customer on their own can check the authenticity of the material through the website
2. The surface of the fabric bears a special UF marking
3. There is also a protective marking along the selvage running lengthwise the fabric

TEQTUM EURO – TOTALLY ECO-FRIRNDLY MATERIAL certified under five European safety standards including «Toy Safety Standard», which confirms that the material is completely safe for children.
● EN 71-3 – Toy Safety Standard
● REACH – the EU regulation on the circulation of chemical substances.
● RoHS – the EU Directive restricting the use of some hazardous substances.
● A+ - the French ecological standard restricting emissions of volatile substances into the air
● EN 14716 – Comprehensive standard for obtaining the right on the CE labelling.

TEQTUM EURO stretch ceiling fabric has been created using the POWERMATT innovative technology developed by TEQTUM Gmbh.

POWERMATT technology implies:

● matt surface with minimum gloss
● maximum resemblance to a plastered surface
The only PVC stretch ceiling fabric that corresponds to the generally accepted RAL scale
RAL — is the world’s most popular colour standard developed in Germany.
TEQTUM EURO catalogue of materials includes the basic assortment of textures and colours. The catalogue is compiled of modern wear-resistant materials. The size of samples of TEQTUM EURO materials is sufficient for demonstration, comparison and selection of colour combinability.
How to choose a ceiling texture
Matt Texture
Matt texture looks like an ordinary plastered ceiling without any reflection or gloss. Such texture will be highly evaluated by those who prefer classic finishing in their interior.
Satin Texture
Like satin fabric, satin texture features a more even surface. In the light, it has a slight gloss and takes an intermediate position between matt and glossy textures.
Glossy Texture
Glossy texture creates a reflective surface with a mirror-like effect. It visually magnifies the height and volume of the ceilings and of the whole space, and has the largest colour range. Such stretch ceilings look impressive and nice.

We recommend installing glossy ceilings in small closed spaces and in spaces with low ceilings to visualize the effect of space enlargement.

The SkyStyle professionals will assist you to decide on the choice of appropriate texture and colour.

Assistance on choosing the design and texture of a stretch ceiling

From 10

Master’s visit to the customer’s place for taking measurements and preliminary consultation

From 5

Calculation of main and decorative lighting of the ceiling

From 20

Replacement and installation of light fixtures

From 25

Installation of stretch ceilings and lighting

From 20

Draining water from the stretch ceiling

From 80

3D design for your spaces

From 50
Order picking taking from 1 hour
Off-line and online shop for ceiling lighting items and components
Customer support and feedback
Flexible logistics system with customer preferences accounted for
Certified and environmentally friendly materials with fire safety class Bs1d0 as per DIN En13501
Reliable packaging
CE Marking
TEQTUM Euro – fabric up to 4.5 meters in width, having passed successfully comprehensive material testing, is fully entitled to have the CE marking (European Conformity).
Fire-Retardant Certificate
Certified as fire retardant TEQTUM Euro fabric has the fire safety class of B-s1,d0 as per European standard DIN EN-13501-1
International Quality Rating of А+
French environmental standard limiting the release of volatile substances into the air. The highest rating in compliance with the European laws
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